My Hair Salon Offers Specialty Haircuts in Southlake, TX

Old Hollywood Salon is my excellent hair salon in Southlake, TX. To my valued clients from the area, I offer various services such as extensions, specialty haircuts, color corrections, balayage, and others. I’ve been doing that for over 12 years now. My main area of specialization is blonde hair, but I can also work with all other colors and types of hair. I am dedicating this page to my haircut service.

Hair Salon in Southlake, TX

No matter what else you do to your hair, the way it is cut remains the foundation of its look. Also, the haircut of a person is essential to their entire appearance. A lot of factors will have to be taken into consideration when deciding on the right haircut for a person. These include the person’s face shape, age, eyes, cheekbones, nose, even ears, as well as the type and color of their hair, of course.

Other things that have to be well-considered before deciding on a haircut is the client’s taste and the current fashion trends. Those, however, are far from all. One of the main reasons why people have a haircut is to look good. The client should like how they look after the cut, but that is not all that matters. Others should also be impressed by that appearance.

This is where I step in. I take into account all these conditions and reach a solution that satisfies them all. I can create for you specialty haircuts that will make you look up-to-date with the latest trends, be pleased with the image you see when you look yourself in the mirror and also make a positive impression on the people who see you.

Hair is the accessory that nature gave to you, and with a little bit of art from me, you can turn it into a stunning jewel. Your hair crowns your head, and your head does get most of the people’s attention. It creates the main impression of you. That’s why you shouldn’t leave it in the hands of just anyone. Choose my quality hair salon – Old Hollywood Salon if you want exceptional results and specialty haircuts in Southlake, TX. I am licensed, certified, and offer free estimates. Contact me today for more details or to schedule an appointment at (817) 502-2151!

Services List

  • Hair Extensions
  • Specialty Haircuts
  • Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment
  • Root Touch Ups
  • Color Correction
  • Foilyage
  • Balayage
  • Full & Partial Hair Highlights
  • Luxury Hairstyling

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